The Blythe Wellness Express serves medical destinations, pharmacies and other locations throughout the Coachella Valley

Map of Blythe Wellness Express busroute
Map of Blythe Wellness Express busroute

If you need to go somewhere we don't serve, you can connect from our bus to the SunLine system at one of three transfer points - Indio, Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs.
Catching the bus in Blythe: The Blythe Wellness Express leaves from the Main Street Park and Ride, on Main Street across from Todd Park in Blythe. Please plan to be at the Park & Ride 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time of 6:30AM.

If you live within the PVVTA service area (see map above) and need a ride to the Park & Ride, please let the dispatcher know when you make your reservation. We will make arrangements for you to be picked up if at all possible.

Map of Blythe Wellness Express busroute

The map only includes a partial list. Just let us know where you need to go.

Scheduled Stops in Coachella Valley
SunLine Indio Transfer Center
JFK Medical Center, Indio
Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage
Desert Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs

Medical Destinations Served by Request
21st Century Oncology, Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage
Desert Heart Physicians, Palm Springs
Desert Medical Imaging, Indian Wells
Desert Pathology Medical Group, Palm Springs
Dr. Drisbach Oncology Center, Rancho Mirage
Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices, Indio
Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices, Palm Springs
Lucy Curci Cancer Center, Rancho Mirage
VA Clinic, Palm Desert


Monday, Wednesday and Friday ONLY

Morning: Westbound To Coachella Valley
Blythe Main Street Park & Ride 6:30AM
Mesa Verde* 6:40AM
Desert Center* Post Office 7:15AM
Chiriaco Summit Rest Stop 7:35AM
Indio Highway 111 at Flower
SunLine Transfer Center
Indio JFK Hospital 8:10AM
Rancho Mirage Eisenhower Med. Center 8:50AM
Palm Springs Desert Regional Med. Center 9:30AM

Afternoon: Eastbound To Blythe
Indio Highway 111 at Flower
SunLine Transfer Center
Indio JFK Hospital 1:05PM
Rancho Mirage Eisenhower Med. Center 1:45PM
Palm Springs Desert Regional Med. Center 2:05PM
Chiriaco Summit Rest Stop 3:00PM
Desert Center* Post Office 3:20PM
Mesa Verde* 3:50PM
Blythe Main Street Park & Ride 4:00PM
* stops made by request only


To ride the Blythe Wellness Express, you must have a reservation and pay your fare in advance. Before you use the service the first time, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and will be assigned a Rider ID Number.

  1. Reservations and payment must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled trip date

  2. To make a reservation, call 760.922.1140 between 6AM and 4PM

Fares & Payments

One-Way $10.00
Round Trip (same day) $15.00

  1. Fare payment must be made in advance

  2. Fare payment can be made with cash, check or credit/debit card at our office at 415 N. Main Street, Blythe, CA 92225

How to Ride

Destinations in the Coachella Valley:

In addition to the stops shown on the schedule, the Blythe Wellness Express will serve most medical destinations within the Coachella Valley. A list of additional “by request” stops is included next to the Coachella Valley map.

If you do not see your destination on the list, please ask. If it is within ¾ mile of the route, we will take you there.

Please inform the dispatcher of your exact destination when you make your reservation.

Catching the Return Bus in the Coachella Valley:

When you get off the bus at your destination, let the driver know exactly where you will catch the bus for the return trip. The driver will tell you what time the bus will be there. If you will not be making the return trip, let the driver know.

If you are making a reservation for a one-way trip from the Coachella Valley to Blythe, let the dispatcher know exactly where you will be catching the bus.

Make sure you are at the agreed upon location at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Once it arrives, the bus will wait no more than 5 minutes.

If you run into any difficulties feel free to call 760.922.1140 anytime during the trip to get updated information and a live person to help you with your trip.

Connecting to SunLine:

SunLine Transit Agency provides bus service throughout the Coachella Valley. You can connect to SunLine bus routes at:

  • Indio: Highway 111 at Flower/SunLine Transfer Center
  • Rancho Mirage: Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Palm Springs: Desert Regional Medical Center

For information about SunLine visit or call 1.800.347.8628


All vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts and wheelchair securement area with room for two wheelchairs/mobility devices. When you make your reservation, please let the dispatcher know if you will be boarding with a wheelchair or scooter.

The driver will secure your wheelchair with a four-point tie down system which may include a lap/shoulder strap for your safety.

Passengers using a scooter may be asked to transfer to a seat on the bus.

All mobility devices must have a working brake system.


Morning trips to the Coachella Valley must be cancelled by 4PM the day before.

Afternoon trips to Blythe must be cancelled 2 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup.

Passengers who do not show up for their trip or fail to cancel within these time limits will NOT receive a refund of their fare. In addition, repeated no shows or late cancellations will result in suspension from using the service.

For our complete Cancellation/No-Show Policy, please see the 'Policy' section in the Service Document.
Safety and Courtesy Tips:

Be prepared for a trip of 90-180 minutes. The bus will make one rest stop about halfway.

Our buses are equipped with seatbelts and all riders are encouraged to use them. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

The seats nearest the driver are reserved for passengers who need extra assistance. Please be prepared to relinquish these seats, if needed.

Space on our buses is limited, so, if shopping, please bring no more than 5 bags onto the bus.

Feel free to bring drinks on board, but only in spill proof containers.


This service is a demonstration project to help improve healthcare options for residents of the Palo Verde Valley. It is funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration. To track the effectiveness of the service in reaching its goals, you will be asked to complete a registration form with questions about your healthcare needs and to complete a short survey each time you use the service. While the survey is voluntary, please be assured that it is entirely confidential and will greatly assist us in securing permanent funding for the Blythe Wellness Express.